Let's Get Crafty
It looks like you have a great case built! Let's take the final steps together to craft your proposal and bring it to life.
Let's make sure everything looks ok. Does your case account for the items in the following checklist?
Company and Cause. Have you selected a company where you think change is needed? What cause should they focus on? A great example of this would be to select a top consumer goods company and propose that they reduce their plastic waste.
Criteria Guru. Building your case is going to lead to a successful proposal. Review the Questions in Mind and Key Criteria sections in the previous section to get a sense of how to support your proposal. In many cases, proposals need to be prescriptive enough to enact change while not overly dictating a company's climate change mitigation strategy.
It's important to keep in mind that small steps to either report or adopt are the most helpful for large corporations.
Report. Disclosure and transparency are often great first steps for companies to understand whether they may be having a detrimental impact on climate change. A path forward can often be made once a baseline is known. A great example of this would be for the top consumer goods company to report on their current plastic waste.
Adopt. Adopting a plan or pathway forward is a potential next step for a company to take once their baseline is known. A great example of this would be for the top consumer goods company to adopt a target to reduce plastic waste by 50% by 2030 in line with international treaties
Research Junkie. Your proposal should be thoughtful and impactful. Considering all of the above, do you research into the company of your choosing to ensure what you're proposing is a good next step for the company and that they don't already have your recommendations in place!
Good to know: you can embed public links, like this Typeform, to make data capture a breeze!
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